Translated Poem


Choose one poem from the book Emmett Williams’ An Anthology of 
 Concrete Poetry (1967) that would be promising to digitize. 

You will be translating this poem into two formats:

1. A greeting card.

Go to a Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid etc. and find a greeting card to model your card after. Your card should obey the following constraints:

When you are done with your greeting card, make two copies. Return to Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid etc. and place one of your cards there. Monitor what happens to it. Adjust as necessary.

2. A website made for phone.

You will make a website that uses HTML and CSS made for experiencing on a phone. Your website must obey the following constraints:

When you are done with your website, have others test it on their phones. Adjust as necessary.


  1. Choose your poem wisely. A good poem for translation is not only meaningful as-is but could also create new meaning as a greeting card or website. How will it be different in each?

  2. For the greeting card, focus on splitting up your poem into a cover, inside, and back. Look at existing greeting cards and decide what common elements you will preserve in order for it to still look like a normal greeting card to possible customers.

  3. For the website made for a phone, focus on making something that works well on a phone. It should be simple to use: don’t overthink it. Consider pacing since you will likely have more than one HTML page.

  4. Overall, this is an exercise in exploring different mediums. Feel free to experiment to figure out what is best in each one.


A good translation (in both mediums) will:

Updated on September 03, 2020