Website for a Future Event


Choose a future event. This could be an already-existing future event such as one within the Yale community. Or, this future even could be completely fictional altogether.

 Then create three pieces of design:

1. Event Website

Make a website providing information about your event. This website could serve as an invitation and/or as a general information hub. Focus on giving your event a distinct visual identity and language specific to the theme or content of your event.

Your website should include...

2. Physical object related to your event

Options include...

3. Event website as time capsule

Make either a separate website or an addendum to your current event website showing your event as you would like it perceived now that is over. On this website, include artifacts that are important for future visitors of your website to understand and reference your event. This could include event documentation or other evidence that the event is now over.

Both your event website and event time capsule website must be responsive between mobile (320px wide) and desktop (1200px wide). We will have a responsive workshop to ensure you all know how to do this.


This project is about visual identity over time. You will do this by creating a cohesive website for the event, focusing on giving your event a visual identity to transmit the event’s purpose and spirit. You will create some sort of designed physical object extend and reinterpret this identity. Finally, you’ll create an event time capsule as an archive, fit for the future.

Event artifacts

This list of event artifacts is here to help you mentally picture your event. Create some of these artifacts if doing so helps you better understand (and create an identity for) your event.

Beginning (event planning and advertisement)

Middle (event itself)

End (event aftermath)

Websites that produce physical artifacts from digital files

Updated on September 03, 2020